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Wikipedia is hosting an edit-a-thon for people interested in Art and Feminism, which it has announced on its site here. The event will be taking place on Wednesday September 23, 2015 between 6pm and 9pm at InterAccess, located at 9 Ossington Ave. The event is free of charge, though you must RSVP at the link bolded above. The announcement also states that attendees should bring their own laptops to the event.

If you are not familiar with Wikipedia’s edit-a-thon movement, while Wikipedia is the world’s largest compendium of knowledge, it has a substantial lack of information about women, and an even more significant lack of woman editors. To try and solve this issue, groups like those hosting this event put together events where you can come to learn about the site, and begin to make contributions that will expand Wikipedia’s articles on women artists. New articles will be created, old articles will be expanded, and overall Wikipedia will be substantially improved. While you can edit however you wish, you can find a list of the articles the event intends to improve or add by the end of the three hours.

Articles on women and the law are just as lacking on the site. If interested, be sure to contact the event organizers, so that the gender gap in how the study of law, arts, and culture is recorded on Wikipedia can be solved.

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