Update to September 16th Artist in Residence event

Cindy_Blazevic photo

Cindy Blažević, the 2013-14 Osgoode Artist in Residence, is joining Julie Lassonde in order to provide a demonstration of her installation piece Through A Prison System, Darkly: Criminal Justice Through the Lens of Kingston Penitentiary (2013-15). This installation will occur at the front entrance of Osgoode Hall between 1pm and 3pm on September 16, 2015. An excerpt from the installation’s media release is as follows:

As Osgoode’s inaugural Artist in Residence, Toronto-based visual artist Cindy Blazevic photographed Kingston Penitentiary after it closed its doors in 2013. “Seeing KP at the end of its life, without prisoners, allows us to see artifacts of lives lived within the building as well as the inherent limitations not only of this particular institution, but of any prison,” she said.

In order to better contextualize the photographs and what they might mean to different viewers, Blazevic then collaborated with upper-year Osgoode students to create a legal and historical narrative for those images, focusing on the challenges facing the Canadian penal system.

The result is the photo-based artwork, Through A Prison System, Darkly: Criminal Justice Through the Lens of Kingston Penitentiary, which will live permanently on kingpen.osgoode.yorku.ca, and which is accessible to the visual and hearing impaired. “The website is a choose-your-own adventure,” said Blazevic, who received Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council funding for the project. “I don’t expect anyone to read or listen to the whole thing, but rather to be able to dip in and out. No matter where you land, it’ll be thought-provoking, maybe even perspective-altering.”

You can read more about the event at Osgoode Hall’s official announcement.

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