Call for Papers: Sub/Urbanizing Austerity: Impacts and Alternatives

Alternate Routes journal header

Alternate Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research has announced a call for papers for its upcoming conference “Sub/Urbanizing Austerity: Impacts and Alternatives”, occurring at York University on March 18, 2016. All papers submitted to the conference will be considered for publication in the journal. The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2015, by which you must submit a 300 word abstract of the paper you wish to present and a brief biography. According to the journal:

The goal of this conference is to explore how sub/urban and regional austerity measures have altered fiscal arrangements, social services provisioning, labour-management relations, socio-political and electoral landscapes. Alternate Routes and the City Institute at York University (CITY) are seeking critical submissions that advance or challenge theoretical approaches, explore how different social and community groups have been affected, and alternative public policies to austerity.

The full call for papers can be read here.

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