Liberal Party of Canada – campaign promises for the arts

To Prince Edward Island by Alex Colville

To Prince Edward Island by Alex Colville, one of Canada’s greatest paintings

During the most recent Federal Election, the Liberal Party of Canada made several promises regarding the treatment of the arts. These promises, according to the CBC, included renewed and increased funding to the CBC itself, newly reinstated international cultural exchange programs, new National Film Board funding, and new funding for Young Canada Works. The total of new government arts funding was reported to be $380 million.  On October 15th, Canadian Art published an article that took previous Liberal governments to task on the issue of arts funding, but still stated that this would be reversing a general trend in the Federal Government away from spending on the arts, and that it would mark a change in how arts funding is legislated in Canada. It remains to be seen, but it appears as if the way in which the Canadian Parliament approaches arts issues in the coming years could be something worth watching.

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