The Laneway Project – Graffiti as Art in Toronto

The Laneway Project

The Laneway Project is a pilot art project in Toronto, Ontario, that intends to use graffiti murals to spruce up deteriorated or vandalized alleyways. One of the first spaces that will be subject to the art is Farquhars Lane, as the Laneway Project works with the Farquhars’ BIA to develop a plan forward. Another is O’Keefe Lane by Ryerson University. The various projects receive funding from the Government of Ontario’s Trillium Fund, and are led by Ariana Cancelli and Michelle Senayah. The mission of the project has been described as follows:

Laneways have untapped potential and when planned and designed effectively, can be an integral part of our public realm. Laneways can offer extensive cultural, economic, social, health and environmental benefits. They can play a role in creating engaging, lively and richly textured places where people want to live, work and visit … Toronto currently lacks laneway-specific planning policy, leaving this massive store of public space in a grey zone.

To read more about the project, you can visit their website here:

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