2015 Year End Lists

Scales of Justics with copyright symbols

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At the end of every year, magazines, newspapers, and blogs alike flock to a single theme: listing the most important events to happen in their subject matter over the year. For example, The Fashion Law has released its list of the 10 most important fashion law cases of 2015 , which includes labor suits, IP disputes, and corporate showdowns. The list is among the first to come out this month, and will no doubt be accompanied by many others before month’s end, but it’s worth a read to catch up on anything you might have missed in the world of fashion law. Within a few days, at least historically, Slaw will also release its own list of the top cases of 2015.

There have been many landmark cases in the world of law and culture. In October, a case between the US Author’s Guild and Google Books was ruled in Google’s favour, ensuring that its free volumes of information remain fair-use. The decision is somewhat surprising, considering it was only four years ago that the two were ready to settle on a pay-per-view model instead of providing a free site before the judge threw out the settlement, claiming it would have given Google a de facto monopoly in the literary industry. Many other culture law decisions have been outlined here at Law.Arts.Culture over the last few months as well.

It will be interesting to see what happens towards the end of the month, as commentators take to their web pages to rank the year according to their expertise.

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