A Festivus for the Rest of Us


Image of Gay Pride Festivus Pole (Credit: David Charles)

Not to belabor the theme of Seinfeld this month, but the show’s iconic faux-holiday “Festivus” has made quite the news south of the border this December. Chaz Stevens, a LGBT activist, sent in a request to post a Festivist pole decorated in a rainbow flag in the rotunda of the Capitol Building of the State of Oklahoma. The mere request was met with outrage by Oklahoma lawmakers, who echoed concerns over the removal of Christian-themed iconography from the state building, in the context of allowing Festivus imagery onto the grounds. Stevens also made requests to several others states. In Arkansas the request was denied, with Arkansas’ Secretary of State citing trademark concerns among others in his rationale; in addition to the fact that Stevens is not a resident of the state. However, Oklahoma approved the request, as did the states of Florida and Illinois; in Illinois, the pole was set up beside the state capitol’s nativity scene on December 21st.

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