Call For Papers: Memorial University of Newfoundland Conference on Petrocultures


The call for papers for “Petrocultures 2016: The Offshore” has been released. The conference will be held on the Memorial University of Newfoundland campus between August 31st and September 3rd, 2016. Submissions must include a 200 word paper description and a 100 word bio, due by January 5th, 2016, and are welcome from scholars, industry professionals, artists, advocates, and others. A description of the conference includes the following:

Despite the fact our economies and lifestyles depend so heavily on the oil industry, much of the work and infrastructure associated with it, to say nothing of the deposits themselves, are situated out of plain sight. This relative invisibility makes the cultural imaginaries of oil, particularly deepwater offshore oil, highly powerful. Petrocultures 2016 will provide an important forum for examining such figurations, including how they relate to framings of alternative forms of energy, such as wind and tidal power.

To read more about the conference or to apply you can visit their website here:

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