Donair the Official Food of Halifax


King of Donairs – The Birthplace of the Donair

As if there was any doubt, Halifax has officially declared the donair to be its official food. The move was originated by Councillor Linda Mosher, who said she did so because she noticed that not only was the donair front-and-centre in much of Halifax’s international press coverage, but that earlier in 2015 Edmonton’s City Council had been looking to itself declare an official food, and had mistakenly believed that they could not use the donair, because Halifax had already declared the donair for itself. Mosher also added that the donair was more unique to Halifax in the context of the Maritime region than lobster or other seafood, which is ubiquitous throughout the area. The official motion to consider the Councillor’s request was issued on November 20th, and was debated by the Halifax City Council on December 8th.

The Council voted 8-7 to approve the measure, thus beating the City of Edmonton to the punch, and making the donair its official food. Though the Council’s meeting minutes have yet to be updated, you can view the entire debate (which gets rather heated) here. As for Edmonton? Last week a local activist took to pushing the green onion cake as the city’s official treat, renewing a movement that has been in place since 2013. Taking the donair out of the running may just be what these savoury pastry advocates need to get past the finish line!

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