Public Review of the Municipal Heritage Conservation Area By-laws of Sackville, NB


Sackville, NB railway station (Image by Verne Equinox)

Sackville, New Brunswick has opened a period of public comment as it reviews its Municipal Heritage Conservation Area By-laws. The original law, adopted in 2010, designated two areas of the city as heritage areas, and set restrictions on how each area can be zoned or developed in the future. The review period intends to see how these by-laws have affected the area and how they might be adjusted moving forward. According to the Sackville Tribune-Post,

Jamie Burke, senior manager of corporate projects for the town, said a draft document has been drawn up with a number of proposed changes that are hoped will provide clarity as to the role of the heritage officer and the board, as well as clearer language with respect to demolitions, new construction and other emergency repairs, among other suggestions.

The comment period closes this upcoming week, and feedback will be considered by Sackville City Hall in its amendments to the law.

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