The Good Wife Moves Towards its Final Episodes


May 8th, 2016 is the date of the final episode of The Good Wife, one of television’s best known legal dramas. With six episodes left, now is the time to catch up on any episodes you have missed of the show to get ready for the finale with the rest of the viewing public. During a recent Law.Arts.Culture talk by University of Ottawa Professor Suzanne Bouclin on the history of feminist film, she described the definition of a feminist screen-piece to be two women in a scene alone, discussing something other than men (also known as the Bechdel test). By this standard, The Good Wife has evolved into one of the premiere feminist narratives in modern times, even if its name would infer something to the contrary. Episodes continue after a week break on March 20th, focusing a storyline that is likely developing towards the show’s finale climax. True to form, where the show is going this season is an absolute mystery, with the characters finding out about much of the show’s events as the viewer does. It has also dealt more with inter-firm politics and the life of being a lawyer than in previous seasons, focusing on the lives of the lawyers over the specifics of their cases. It has been hinted at that this is because the most significant case this season, is one that involves many of the major characters themselves on the other side of the law. No doubt the show, which announced this season will be its last in an ad during this year’s Super Bowl, will be missed in the pantheons of legal television.


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