Books News: New Work on the Role of Law in Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Binding Language book cover

Next month Professor John Kerrigan of Cambridge University will publish his work Shakespeare’s Binding Language on Oxford University Press, with a release date of May 10, 2016. One of the world’s leading scholars in the study and analysis of Shakespeare, Kerrigan takes a look at the role of contracts, oaths, and other legal language used in Shakespeare’s work. According the to the publisher:

“Shakespeare’s Binding Language” gives a freshly researched account of these contexts, but it is focused on the plays. What motives should we look for when characters asseverate or promise? How far is binding language self-persuasive or deceptive? When is it allowable to break a vow? How do oaths and promises structure an audience’s expectations? Across the sweep of Shakespeare’s career, from the early histories to the late romances, this book opens new perspectives on key dramatic moments and illuminates language and action.

You can read more about the upcoming work at the publisher’s website here.


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