News Piece of Interest: Tony Jackman on Modern Censorship

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The Daily Maverick of South Africa has published an article by Tony Jackman entitled “Burning Insight: When ignorance destroys art”, which makes links to the historical censorship of literature and art, including that which was endured during Apartheid South Africa, to the contemporary issues in the Middle East regarding the burning of books and art. The article includes the following:

In our own time, works of art were collateral damage in the World Trade Center attacks. They included a tapestry by Joan Miró and a Roy Lichtenstein painting. If that was incidental, Islamic State (Isis) showed tremendous purpose in sending bulldozers to level the ancient city of Hatra and shortly thereafter, Nimrud, in March 2015, laying waste to precious antiquities in the Mosul Museum and many others, in what Unesco called an act … showing the contempt in which Isis holds “the history and heritage of Arab people”. At Nimrud a ninth century BC palace was laid waste, while targeting pre-Islamic heritage.

The article can be read in full here.

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