Free Course on Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime

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The University of Glasgow is sponsoring a free three-week online course on the subject of “Antiques Trafficking and Art Crime”, which starts this June 6, 2016. The course will be taught by researchers involved with the Trafficking Culture international research consortium, and presented in a multidisciplinary fashion. The first week will focus on the practice of looting and how looters are able to steal cultural artifacts. The second week will focus on high art crimes like forgery and museum heists. The third week focuses on the issue of cultural object repatriation and return. According to the organizers:

The devastation caused by the trafficking of illicit antiquities and the theft of art has gained widespread public attention in recent years.

Confronted with the pock-marked “lunar landscapes” of archaeological sites in Iraq and Syria, freshly decapitated Buddha sculptures in Cambodia and empty frames on the walls of museums, we face a difficult question: how do we protect our heritage from theft, illegal sale, and destruction?

In Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime we will tackle this question together.

You can read more about the course at its website here.

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