Hugh Faulkner Dies at 73

Hugh Faulkner has died at the age of 73 at his home in Rougemont, Switzerland. Faulkner is best known for his role as “culture czar” during the first tenure of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and founder of the Canada Council’s Art Bank. According to his obituary,

One initiative that bolstered Mr. Faulkner’s reputation was his sponsorship of Bill C-58, the law that did in the Canadian edition of Time magazine, which had existed for 30 years. The bill, which passed in February, 1976, amended the Income Tax Act to prevent advertisers from deducting the cost of ads from their corporate taxes unless the magazine had 80-per-cent Canadian content.

The results: Maclean’s magazine went from monthly to weekly publication; Time closed its Canadian editorial bureaus and laid off its staff here, though the magazine continued to print in Canada, offering Canadian ads at a lower price.

You can read the piece in full at the Globe and Mail here.

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