Largest collection of Peruvian Artifacts Outside of Peru Returned

Machu Picchu

Photograph of Machu Picchu by Martin St-Amant

This past June, the largest collection of Peruvian artifacts located outside of Peru ever returned was delivered to the Nation of Peru. The Ministry of Culture received the more than 4000 artifacts from a range of countries, including Canada. According to Peru This Week:

The recovery comes as result of several years of work, based on agreements signed by Peru with different countries to protect and return historical artifacts. The agreements aided to build 22 separate legal cases to reclaim that the pieces that were found had being stolen and smuggled out of the country to be sold in antiquities market. One of the most famous processes was the Janeir Aude case in Argentina, 14 years and disputed 4,136 artifacts, including a perfectly preserved ancient mummies.

 Efforts to return even more artifacts to the country continue.

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