New Festival Permits in Toronto


Recently, the City of Toronto has created a new form of permit called the “Arts and Music in Parks” permit, intended to regulate and encourage an increase in the use of Toronto park space as the home for music and arts festivals. Permits are free and available during the summer months to qualifying individuals and organizations that apply. The permit is the result of the Arts in the Parks initiative, which intends to bring free art events to the Toronto public through its public parks. According to the city’s press release:

The City’s new Arts and Music in Parks permit is designed to provide a simple, streamlined process for artists and musicians to get a permit to perform in City parks. This free permit is available for small-scale art and music events that take place on one day, and are presented by grassroots organizations, artists and musician … Events will include performances, dance, music, theatre, film, community-engaged work and temporary installations by arts groups. 

You can learn more about the permit and apply for one yourself by visiting the City of Toronto website here.

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