B.C. Premier Christy Clark Letter to President Barack Obama

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The CBC recently reported that British Columbia Premier Christy Clark has written a letter to US President Barack Obama requesting support in their efforts to regain First Nations artifacts originating in BC, but being housed by American organizations in the US. An initiative has begun where the Royal B.C. Museum and Provincial government have partnered with the Aboriginal peoples of the province in order to develop a plan to have the artifacts returned to Canada. According to the article:

The United States has a law in place that cultural items from graves of American Indians be returned if the owners request the item. Clark said the law should apply to all North American First Nations. Grand Chief Ed John has gone one step further asking the Canadian federal government to put in place a similar law here. “These are not simply objects,” said John, standing beside a collection of First Nations belongings at the Royal B.C. Museum.

You can read more about the event at the CBC website here.

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