Peter Doig’s Canadian Art Work – Can He Prove it Isn’t His?

Peter Doig

Photo of Peter Doig by Brian McNeil

Recently there has been a bizarre turn of events for artist Peter Doig and the work he created while growing up in central Canada. Doig is being sued by the proprietor of a painting who claims that Doig sold it to him during the 1970s in Thunder Bay, Ontario, when he was Doig’s parole officer. Doig, however, states that the painting is not his. According to Art Forum:

Fletcher said that he bought the painting from a man named Pete Doig for $100. He claims to have served as the man’s parole officer at Thunder Bay Correctional Center in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The painting, which is signed “Pete Doig 76,” was displayed in his home until five years ago when a friend recognized it and informed him that the artist who painted it is now famous.

In order to win the suit, Doig must prove that he did not paint the work while in Thunder Bay. Doig has stated that he believes he is being scammed.

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  • LeeAnn Sharpe
    July 17, 2016 - 10:51 pm | Permalink

    Hi, I knew the Peter Doige who was Canadian. I might be of assistance with authenticating his signature and art work. As I was his common law for 3 years and knew him for 10 years. Not to confuse which Peter I speak of its Peter Doige born April 15 1955, if I remember correctly he was from Moncton New Brunswick. Forgive me if I don’t have the right date on April, Peter and I had a very volatile relationship some things one wants to leave in the past and move forward. But I did know his style and technique , not to mention his signature. Some things a person never forgets. If I may help with any of the above mentioned please feel free to contact me.

    LeeAnn Sharpe

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