Suits is Toronto


On a recent walk through Downsview Park, connected to the final stop on the subway line between Toronto proper an York University, I came across a series of studios filming various projects. The new show Designated Survivor featuring Canadian Kiefer Sutherland was being filmed, with US plated cars out front, which was exciting enough. But on the door of the studio, the sign indicating usage also read that Season 5 of Suits was in the process of filming in the same space.

Recently the National Post wrote an article about just how much of Suits is “recognizably Toronto”, despite the show “taking place” in New York City. An excerpt of the piece reads as follows:

Harvey is always talking about representing Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley – it’s only a matter of time before, I don’t know, Dougie Gilmour wanders into his office. Sarah Rafferty, the actress who plays Donna, is already a model for Holt Renfrew, for Peterborough’s sake. Was it with a knowing wink, then, that when Jessica ambushed Edward Darby on a business trip, he wryly asked, “Jessica, what brings you to Toronto?” We’re all like, “The elevator.”

For a fun read, check out the full article here:

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