Conference Call For Papers: Images, Copyright, and the Public Domain in the Long Nineteenth Century


The Winterther Museum, Garden and Library (Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

The call for papers has been released for the Winterther Museum conference entitled “Images, Copyright, and the Public Domain in the Long Nineteenth Century”, which will take place between March 29-30th, 2018 in Winterthur, Delaware. Following the conference, speakers will be invited to a follow-up workshop in the Spring of 2019 held at the Université Paris Diderot “with the goal of finalizing the joint publication and discussing further research opportunities in this field.” According to the conference description:

This project aims to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines and fields (printing history, art history, law, literature, visual culture, book history, etc.) to explore the cultural and legal consequences of the proliferation of images in the long nineteenth century. Our geographic focus will be on Great Britain and the United States in connection with the wider world, not only their colonies and territories, but also their commercial and artistic links with other countries. Contributions that consider the transnational circulation of images, or provide a comparative perspective on copyright, are most welcome, as are case studies that reveal the local factors that shaped attitudes and practices related to the circulation of images. In referring to the “long 19th century,” we want to encourage specialists of earlier and later periods to help us elucidate the broader history of imaging and printing techniques and the legal and cultural norms that surrounded them.

Your abstract of one page and a short cv are due by February 1, 2017 at the email address of To read more about the event, you can view the posting here.

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