Art News: Canadian Art on Toronto Art Gallery Shuttered by Police

Blank Canvas Gallery

Canadian Art has published an article by Leah Sandals on an incident that occurred at Toronto community art space and art gallery Blank Canvas this past New Years Eve. The gallery was hosting a New Years Eve party offering alcohol without a Special Occasion Permit, under the supervision of co-owner John Samuels and Andrew Davy. During the evening, the Toronto Police entered the establishment in order to place Samuels under arrest, firing a taser at him in the process. Following the incident, the gallery was shuttered, and its locks changed. The article quotes several figures in the Toronto art scene who describe how the incident may have been racially charged. An excerpt from the article reads as follows:

“To me, this speaks to a much larger issue, which is the way that racism and the Toronto Police Service has been playing out over the last 30 years,” says artist, activist and researcher Syrus Marcus Ware, who is also a member of Black Lives Matter Toronto. “But this is also a story about the way the contemporary art scene does or doesn’t interact with issues of anti-blackness.”

You can read the full article here:

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