Law.Arts.Culture Lecture on “Law and the Visual”

On April 5, 2017 Law.Arts.Culture will host the lecture, “Law and the Visual: Teaching Critical and Generative Visual Attitudes to Undergraduate Jurisprudence Students”. This lecture will be provided by Professor Maksymillian Del Mar, based upon a recent course on Jurisprudence at Queen Mary University of London. According to the event information:

The course explored ‘Law and the Visual’, and its aim was to introduce students to and encourage them to develop critical and generative attitudes to the role and value of the visual in law. His lectures examined 1) the graphic / linguistic distinction; 2) confronting pictorial realism; and 3) schematic knowledge practices. His tutorials considered examples of the visual in law in a variety of contexts, including 1) by judges and advocates in courtrooms (e.g. visual evidence; comic briefs); 2) by students (e.g. visual legal mnemonics) and citizens (e.g. comic contracting); and 3) by scholars (e.g. critical witnessing in comic journalism, in particular through the work of Joe Sacco). In this presentation he will share his experience of teaching the course, including student reactions.

The lecture will take place between 2:30pm and 4pm in room 2027 of Osgoode Hall Law School. To attend, simply click on the following link and RSVP: .


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