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Kate Sutherland

Sara Ramshaw on “Critical Legal Studies in Improvisation: Setting the Stage”



Critical Legal Studies in Improvisation: Setting the Stage

Apr 1, 2015, 12:30pm-2:30pm

IKB Room 2027

Speaker: Sara Ramshaw, School of Law, University of Exeter

In Towards Law and Music (2014), Desmond Manderson considers both the methodological and epistemological questions motivating the interdisciplinary field of law and music, and argues that “there yet remains the opportunity to pursue with even greater specificity the meaning of music, in terms of its own vocabulary and genre.” To that end, this seminar introduces a new field of interdisciplinary study, entitled Critical Legal Studies in Improvisation, focusing on the importance and benefits of rich dialogue as between law and musical improvisation, as well as the risks and challenges such may pose, the aim being to illuminate “not just law or music, but both in light of the other.”


All are invited to attend. Lunch will be served.