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Sara Ross

Toronto 2017 North American Indigenous Games, Cultural Events, and Marketplace come to York University

With its opening ceremonies set for this evening at Aviva Tennis Stadium, all week York University will host athletic events for the 2017 North American Indigenous Games, featuring youth athletes from across North America. In addition to these, Indigenous Games is hosting nightly cultural events, featuring indigenous artists and musicians and 8pm and 9pm each evening with the following schedule:

A competing schedule of cultural events is also taking place on the campus of McMaster University in Hamilton each night. On the York campus you will also find the Indigenous Marketplace, which features Indigenous artisans, food vendors, and organizations from across the region. And, of course, the campus will feature athletic competitions during the day for young indigenous athletes from across the continent.

An important theme of this year’s competitions is “Team 88”, referring to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Call to Action #88, which reads

We call upon all levels of government to take action to
ensure long-term Aboriginal athlete development and
growth, and continued support for the North American
Indigenous Games, including funding to host the games
and for provincial and territorial team preparation and

Athletic and cultural events are free to the public, though tickets must be purchased for this evening’s opening ceremonies. For more information, please visit the Games’ official website: