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Sara Ross

Upcoming Law.Arts.Culture talk: Rosemary Coombe and Ali Malik

On September 14th, 2015, the Law.Arts.Culture Lecture Series will feature a lecture from Professor Rosemary Coombe and PhD student Ali Malik, entitled Hidden Geographies of Race and Labor: Moving Beyond the Social Imaginaries of Place-Based Products in Asia and Africa. The talk will take place between 12:30pm and 2:30pm in Room 2027 of the Ignat Kaneff Building. The abstract of their talk is as follows:

Place-based products protected by geographical indications (GIs) are widely assumed as yielding higher export revenues and generating tourism towards rural development in the Third World. In the Asian and African contexts, however, few scholars have recognized that GIs are modes of governmentality that must function in fields of labour relations forged by entrenched patterns of colonial landholding and racialised identities. This might be attributed in part to the ‘social imaginary’ that tends to accompany arguments in favor of GIs, which portrays communities as cohesive, harmonious entities, “possessing singular traditions and rooted in a particular place characterized by a naturally bounded and distinctive ecosystems” (Coombe, Ives & Huizenga 2015) which tends to obfuscate the political economies of land and labour in regions where relations among potential stakeholders in GI governance are overlaid with issues of caste, class, and desires for postcolonial emancipation. We explore and contrast these social dynamics with respect to South African Rooibos tea, Indian Darjeeling tea, and within the Nepalese handicraft sector. Rather than emphasizing the capacity of GIs to protect against international misappropriations, we suggest that scholars pay greater attention to how GIs might be forged to redress these hidden geographies of race and labor via rights-based forms of governance.

All are invited to attend. Lunch will be provided
RSVP Required: http://bit.ly/osresearch                        Event Code: COOMBE